The fight against corruption is targeting our sons and daughters – KALENJIN community leaders say and cite SANG and LILLY KOROS

Thursday December 6, 2018 - A section of Kalenjin community leaders have said the ongoing purge against corruption is targeting professionals and State officers from the community.

In an exclusive interview with a local daily on Wednesday, Aldai MP, Cornelius Serem, said the fight against corruption is no longer a national issue but a tribal issue.

He gave an example of the resignation of Kenya Power Company (KPC) Managing Director, Joe Sang, who resigned over the loss of 21 million litres of fuel worth Sh 2.1 billion.

“What is happening? In less than six months, you have about six CEOs going home from one community. Does it make any sense? What crime have we committed? This country belongs to all of us,” Serem said.

“As a community we are very worried. Maybe some cartels for political reasons want to kick out the Kalenjin community from office...That is our concern because these guys are qualified,” Serem added.

Over the last six months, a number of high-flying career Kalenjin state officers have been casualties of President Kenyatta's new wave of a crackdown against graft.

The first casualty was ex-Kenyatta National Hospital CEO, Lilly Koros, who was kicked out for incompetence following a brain surgery mix-up at the facility.

The others include ex-Kenya Power Managing Director, Ben Chumo, and his successor, Ken Tarus.


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