Sunday December 2, 2018 - Deputy President William Ruto has slammed Kalenjin politicians who have opposed calls to farmers to diversify to other types of farming other than maize.

Speaking on Friday during the Nakuru International Investment Summit that brought together local and international investors to showcase investment opportunities, Ruto said time has come for North Rift farmers to abandon maize farming for a more profitable business.

“I heard some people say the other day that they are not interested in diversification because you cannot put avocados in a store or you cannot feed avocados on initiates," Ruto said.

“People are producing for markets to export while others are thinking of how to produce to go and put in a store. That is how low some people think in our country,” Ruto added.

The DP was reacting to comments by a section of MPs from Rift Valley who opposed his idea that the region should substitute maize farming with other crops including avocado and macadamia.

On November 18th, Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills, Joshua Kuttuny (Cherengany) and Silas Tiren (Moiben) alleged that Ruto was encouraging farmers to drop maize production to open the market for him to import maize from Congo.


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