Popular Kenyan Governor filmed being massaged by female SEX workers, the VIDEO may leak any time from now

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - A popular and flamboyant Kenyan Governor is living in fear after he was filmed being massaged by prostitutes during a foreign trip.

According to well placed sources, the randy Governor, who is known for his special appetite for anything in a skirt, was filmed by a person close to him during the overseas trip.

The clip was handed over to some MCAs and they have been using it to blackmail him.

Anytime they go broke, they rush to the Governor’s office and demand for money to buy their silence.

We understand that cunning MCAs have milked him dry through the randy clip but there’s nothing he can do because he is afraid his image will be tainted if it’s leaked online.

Most Governors use foreign trips as a gateway to satisfy their sexual thirst.

They demand for hefty allowances during the trips which they splash on high end prostitutes.

We have a source who has promised us the video and we will share it soon and shame the Governor.

Keep it at The Kenyan DAILY POST for more of this juicy scoop.


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