Mzungu shares heartbreaking PHOTOs from streets of Kampala, No wonder TRUMP calls Africa a shithole continent.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - A white woman who was in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, has exposed Africa’s stupidity and mess to the world, proving that we are our own enemies.

Just like in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi, Uganda’s Kampala is a no go zone for hawkers.

This mzungu was photographing hawkers going about their business in the streets and all of a sudden, kanjus emerged from the blues and started chasing them.

Why can’t they build markets for these poor hawkers trying to earn an honest living?

This mzungu went back to her Country with a very bad picture about Africa.

Here are the photos that she shared.


  1. African hawkers don't like organized markets, sokoni to them is open air places including obviously side walks, roadsides and shop verandas with no care fo any licenses, law or hygiene. The only sure fire way to deal with hawkers is to enforce the law to both the sellers and their customers. Remove the customer from this equation and you have solved the hawker menace. I concur though that there is need to have markets where they can all go to which needless to say must be accessible to both sellers and their customers. Where do they farm the city fathers and mothers of Africa? There is need to increase the brain fertilizer so that they do not over rely on the muscle side of things.

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