Kenyan MEN, here are important things you should understand about WOMEN

By Osborn Yogo
We need to understand that:
1. A man is incomplete without a woman; however rich or famous he may be. If God says that it is not good then it can never be. Bachelorhood is contentment in delusion.

2. A woman is as good as you make her. The grass that appear green in your neighbour's courtyard has been watered. Water your grass or live content in withered dry browny grass.

If you see anything good that you desire in your woman then fix it; don't blame her for the lack of it.
3. No woman is stingy. Women reciprocity is determined by your ability to flow out to them.

4. Whereas SEX is a crucial part of any marriage, women enjoy more of affection. A woman lying on your chest isn't an invitation for sex. Distinguish between desire for warm affection, a loving embrace, a deep kiss, comfort of your chest and security of your presence from an invitation to coitus.

5. Most women are turned on by masculinity. This however isn't an invitation for dirt. There is a difference between being rugged and being unkempt. Tidy your hair, whichever style you choose. Shave your armpits and brush your teeth. It is a shame seeing dry saliva at the corners or your mouth.

Use deodorants and colons ... However cheap. A man is defined by his smell. Avoid that he-goat smell - it is a turn off.

6. Buy fitting cloths. Don't appears in those oversize cloths and suits ... Or extremely tight ones that make you look like a cricket.

Pull off those badges you leave on your cheap backstreet suits. Real expensive suits don't have such budges on the sleeves. It reveals how low you are.

Don't be overdressed for any day. Know what to wear for office, party or getaway.

7. Care for your shoes. Carry a cloth to wipe off dust from your shoes. Ladies are ashamed of smiling shoes and worn out soles.

8. Always bring something home however small. Unemployment is not an excuse. Be creative. Get dirty and get your wife (family) something.

9. Women love surprises. Do it occasionally. Don't expect a surprise shagging if you don't. Buy her flowers and presents ... Surprise her. Don't complain of your wife's dressing if you don't even know her size. Understand her taste ... Get to know her sizes ... Clothes, shoes, bra and pants.

10. Write your spouse a love note. Sex begins early; not in the bedroom.

11. Whatever you do, take pride in your woman. No woman would want to stay where they feel unappreciated.

12. Provide security to your woman. Let her feel confident being with you ... Whatever the time.

13. Respect your woman. Don't let your eyes rove around, checking on other women when with her. Let her feel secure being with you. Do your shenanigans in her absence

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