Animal Health Assistant III
10 Posts
·         Carry out meat inspection and/or artificial insemination services.
·         Carrying out simple treatments of animals.
·         Perform veterinary field extension services that include farm visits, barazas and field days;
·         Assist in disease control programs such as disease surveillance, vaccinations and reporting.
·         Demonstration and training in animal husbandry techniques.
·         Undertake closed castration, dehorning, de-worming, disbudding, docking, de-beaking and hoof trimming.
·         Preparereports from their area of jurisdiction.
·         Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time
·         Be in possession of a certificate lasting not less than two years in animal health | animal health & production | animal health & range management from a recognized institution.
·         Be registered and retained by the Kenya Veterinary Board
·         Skilled in computer applications from a recognized institution
·         Have at least three (3) years’ field experience
·         Be compliant to Chapter six of the constitution
·         Meat inspection and / or artificial insemination training will be an added advantage

Veterinary Officer
·         An officer at this level will work under the guidance of a senior officer;
·         Undertaking disease control activities such as disease search, vaccination and enforcement of livestock movement regulations;
·         Participating in the training of stakeholders in vector control programmes;
·         Treating sick animals;
·         Advising on good veterinary practices;
·         Collecting data and preparing reports on animals’ health, products and markets;
·         Providing advice on animal breeding and welfare; and
·         Undertaking postmortem examination and other diagnostic tests.
·         A Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) Degree from a recognized institution;
·         Registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board; and
·         Have a Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution.

Assistant Animal Health Officer III
5 Posts
·         Participating in animal health field demonstrations and agricultural shows;
·         Participating in sample collection and dispatch;
·         Inspecting livestock stock routes;
·         Collecting data and writing technical reports;
·         Demonstrating and training on milking techniques and external parasite control techniques such as dipping, spraying and dusting;
·         Carrying out vaccination, close castration, dehorning, ear tagging, branding, deworming , disbudding, docking, debeaking and hoot trimming;
·         Carrying out simple treatment of animals;
·         Participating in disease search and reporting;
·         Keeping records on animal breeding, animal health, milk production, dipping data; and
·         Maintaining dairy units:
·         A Diploma in any of the following disciplines:- Animal Health, Animal Health and Production, Environmental Health, Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Diagnosis, Poultry Science, Veterinary Public Health and Meat Technology or Animal Husbandry from a recognized institution;
·         Registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board;
·         Have a Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution. And
·         Shown ability and demonstrated merit in work performance and results
·         Have at least three (3) years’ field experience
·         Be compliant to Chapter six of the constitution

Water & Sewerage Inspector
3 Posts
·         Planning, supervising and evaluating water supply works;
·         Checking operation charts and monthly revenue returns;
·         Collecting and analysing data;
·         Supervising operations and maintenance of water supplies and sewerage treatment works;
·         Maintaining records of water supplies and sewerage schemes;
·         Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time.
·         Holds either three (3) years Certificate in technical training or a Diploma in Water Engineering or Water Supply Technology or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
·         Have at least three (3) years’ experience in design and supervision of water and related projects;
·         Must have good inter-personal and communication skills;
·         Proficiency in computer applications;
·         Satisfy the requirement of Chapter Six ofthe Constitution.

Chief Security Officer
·         In Charge of Civilian Security Services in the County
·         Carry out supervision of in-house and contracted security services
·         Liaise with external security agencies for preventive action and
·         Assist in investigations and prosecutions:
·         Be in possession of at KCSE C plain
·         Minimum Diploma in Security Management
·         Be between 30-40 years of age
·         Must have served for at least 5 years in the rank of Corporal and above in uniformed service,
·         Clean certificate of discharge and valid certificate of good conduct.
·         Satisfy the requirements of Chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Liaison Officer 
·         The officer will be responsible to the County Secretary/County Chief Officer for the general administration and management of intergovernmental and diaspora affairs
·         Provide an integral link between the county and the respective Development partners and other Relevant offices at the national level
·         Coordinate logistics and accommodation arrangements of County officers and relevant Stakeholders/investors on official duties
·         Set and oversee internal operating rules and regulations;
·         Establish an efficient record, filing and tracking system for all office inventory, mails and file, monitor their movement and effective correspondence and relay the same to the County
·         Maintain an update inventory of office assets and ensure their timely maintenance
·         Attend regular intergovernmental and sectorial meetings as delegated by the County Secretary.
·         Conduct periodic research of thematic areas from time to time and provide balanced analysis and assessment to inform the County Government
·         A Bachelor of Arts in international relations & Diplomacy, Public Relations/ or any other Social Sciences.
·         Must demonstrate strategic planning skills and ability to design and implement short term, medium and long term plans.
·         Demonstrate understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya.
·         Ability to handle multiple tasks, set priorities, meets deadlines and develop innovative recommendations and solutions to problems.
·         Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills.
·         Must be organized, motivated and a team player.
·         Computer literacy with all aspects of Microsoft Windows network; experience with data base management a plus.
·         Satisfy the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Assistant Director Trade
·         Formulating and overseeing implementation of Domestic policies;
·         Assessing the impact of regional and multi-lateral trade policies on trade and investment activities;
·         Analyzing trade policy and the Impact of regulatory instruments on the business environment;
·         Overseeing trade and investment promotion activities through trade fairs and exhibitions;
·         Facilitating the growth, development and graduation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs);
·         Directing policies, strategies and programmes on E-commerce;
·         Overseeing the overall management Issues of the department, instituting operational accountability;
·         Overseeing the establishment of business information and solution centers.
·         Served as Assistant Director Trade for a minimum period of three (3) years and above or in a comparable and relevant position either in the public service or Private;
·         Bachelor degree in any of the following disciplines: Commerce, Marketing, Business Administration, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Internal Trade/Business /Relation or its equivalent from a recognized Institution, Agricultural trade. Rural Development
·         Masters’ degree in any of the following discipline; Commerce, Marketing, Business Administration, Business Management, Business and Information Technology Entrepreneurship, Trade Law, Economics or International Trade/Business/Relations, Agricultural Trade and Rural Development from a recognized Institution will be an added advantage;
·         Certificate in Senior Management Course. A certificate in Strategic leadership Development Programme lasting not less than six (6) weeks from a recognized Institution will be an added advantage;
·         Certificate in computer applications from a recognized Institution;
·         Demonstrated a thorough understanding of national goals, policies and development objectives and ability to translate them into trade development programme/projects
How to Apply
All applications accompanied by a copy of National ID Card, detailed CV and copies of all relevant certificates , testimonials and recommendations should be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly marked on the left side the position and department applied for, and addressed to:
P.O BOX 10 – 60406 , KATHWANA.
OR emailed to tharakanithi.cpsb@gmail.com
The application may also be hand delivered to the county headquarters at Kathwana during working hours.

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