Gospel singer SIZE 8 speaks up on being pregnant for baby no.2 after graduating from Bible school (PHOTOs)

Tuesday, December 04, 2018 - Gospel singer, Linet Munyali alias Size 8 Reborn, has joined the ranks of pastors after graduating from Harvesters Global Church Bible Training School and is now a qualified pastor.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate her achievement, the mother one wrote:

“The joy in my heart is beyond words. God thank you for the grace you have given me so far. I graduated today from Harvest Global Church bible training school.

“Most of us run after material wealth first forgetting what the Bible says “What does it profit a man to gain the whole word but loose his soul.” And another verse says “Seek ye 1st the kingdom of God and all things (food, clothing etc) shall be added to you,’

She also addressed reports that she could be pregnant with baby number two after netizens noticed a bulge in her belly.

The songbird and her DJ husband, DJ Mo, have a three year old daughter called Ladasha.

“I had fears of getting pregnant again but I thank God after I joined Bible school, I was taught a lot of things that helped me fight the fear. That is why for a long time people were even wondering kwani Size 8 hazai tena?” she said.

“My first pregnancy got me to the position of getting trauma, mpaka sikua nataka kurudi hapo,” she added.

She was, however, cagey on whether there is a bun in the oven.

“I will not deny nor confirm but let us wait and see, time will tell. God will reveal that more as time goes by.” She stated.

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  1. did he understand anything or just passed through as all zombie who don't understand the bible as that song of mateke shit of a song.

    The Name of Jesus being mentioned reduces Lucifer to nothing: so where did this educable of HGC get the mateke shit from?!!!

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