Tuesday December 4, 2018 - Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja, launched 100 buses today morning to enable Nairobians commute from the various designated terminals to the Central Business District.

This follows the ban on matatus from accessing the CBD which has since been suspended by Governor Mike Sonko over the suffering of commuters as a result of the ban.

In a statement on his social media, Sakaja, who has openly expressed his opposition to the matatu CBD ban, said that the buses will be used to help those who were physically challenged to walk long distances.

"Watu wangu wa Nairobi leo kuanzia saa mbili asubuhi wamama wajawazito wote, wazee, walemavu na watoto nimetoa basi mia moja (100) kuwapeleka kutoka muthurwa na fig tree mpaka town ndani. 

(From today I have launched 100 buses to serve all pregnant women, the elderly, the lame and children to transport them from Muthurwa and Fig Tree to town)," he posted.

Sakaja vowed not let residents suffer, assuring them that the matter of the ban would be dealt with.

"Mambo lazima ifanywe kwa mpangilio sio hivi hivi. (Things must be done after well thought out, not by impulse),” he added.


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  1. Sonkofussion should resign governership like yesterday. Senator Sakaja tosha kuwa gavana jiji kuu. Wee need people with brain at city hall and not brawn... that is for male gorillas and stallions that have tons of testosterone between their legs but posses next to nothing between the ears!