Carry your cross because you didn’t consult us while stealing and never shared the loot with us-Kalenjins tell RUTO’s friend JOE SANG

Tuesday December 11, 2018-Opinion leaders from Rift Valley have urged top parastatal bosses from the Kalenjin community linked to corruption in Government to carry their own crosses.

Speaking yesterday, leader, led by  Journalist Kibiwott Koross, criticised those opposed to the recent arrests of corrupt leaders, among them Kenya Pipeline Company MD, Joe Sang and KPLC’s Ben Chumo, saying they should carry their crosses because they never consulted the community while looting and neither did they share the loot with the community.

“In the recent past, there has been a public outcry on how Kalenjins were being targeted in the ongoing graft war.”

“I am a Kalenjin of Keiyo sub tribe.”

“I am saddened when the whole community is invoked when a few guys dip their dirty fingers into the national pot and make away with junks of meat for themselves,” Koros stated in a stinging Facebook post on Monday.

“They never attend any public rally to let us know they have or will be stealing.”

“They do it for themselves.”

“During this period, they tint their windows, leave alone rolling them especially when in the village.”

“They change cars and start flying. They never involve us,” he added.

They advised Kenyans to resist attempts by some leaders to politicise the ongoing war on graft, dismissing as baseless claims that the prosecution of individuals believed to have misappropriated billions of shillings was aimed at frustrating Deputy President William Ruto’s Presidential ambitions.


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Nilisikia Kocho Kocho Kwa kitanda yangu huku akisema "gwara hapo, tetema",Kumulika Nikaona Huyu

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