African LADIES, mostly from Uganda, caught hawking their “Nunus” like tomatoes in the streets of Thailand (VIDEO).

Tuesday, December 11, 2018-Poverty and desperation has forced many African ladies to flock  foreign countries where they engage in prostitution.

They lie to their families back in Africa that they are doing decent jobs but they are busy peddling their flesh in brothels and red light districts.

A video taken in a red light district in Thailand has exposed the booming prostitution business involving African ladies.

In the video, the ladies are seen parading themselves in the streets wearing skimpy outfits as sexually starved men move around looking for their favourite “meal”.

Most of these ladies are relatively young, probably in their early and late twenties.

It’s alleged that most of the ladies who were captured in this expose  are from the neighbouring Uganda.

Watch this  video of the African ladies hawking their flesh in Thailand like tomatoes.

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