Why running out of airtime in Kenya is worse than a heartbreak

At the centre of life in Kenya today is the mobile. The mobile is used to buy groceries, pay for school fees and talk to your relative, place your bet on your favourite gambling site and pay for the hospital bill. With the introduction of taxes on airtime, it is not an easy walk in the park for Kenyans to keep their mobile phones on half tank let alone full tank. 

Frustration levels are at their peak on Saturday from 16.00 hrs just before the deadline of the various sport jackpots in the country with everyone competing to buy bundles from the different networks. Go here>>>>

Different players in the market have introduced mobile loans to assist with the craze. Kenyans take out loans at 14% to purchase airtime. Many others opt to use the airtime loans facilities from the different networks to top up their phones. Most networks charge a facilitation fee of 10% for this service. Go here>>>>

Assuming that a mobile users borrows an average 4 times per week, then the annual savings is over Kshs. 2,000 (equivalent to 11 hours of airtime).Players in the industry are exploring ways of aiding the mobile phone users. A new service introduced in the market now allows mobile phone users to take out airtime loans @ 0% interest and with no facilitation fees for 7 days

Myway Kenya one of the companies exploring this new technology seeks to spread the airtime loans business across the networks allowing users the possibility of sharing borrowed airtime. Users can sambaza borrowed airtime to others as opposed to the traditional airtime borrowing which is restricted to your phone and network.

Company director Stanley Ngaira says that the company is looking to expand this new concept into traditional markets such as supermarkets and taxi business. He adds that in the next one year, they will be able to lend taxi rides from the various players to mobile phone users who will then pay back within a period of 7 days. Go here>>>>

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