Why are men this merciless? The man I married when he was broke and jobless is doing this to me - Kenyan WOMAN.

Monday, November 26, 2018 - A lady who has been married for 13 years has narrated how her husband has turned into a chameleon after money started trickling in.

When he met him 13 years ago, he was broke, jobless, humble and so caring.

But these days, he treats her like garbage after he got money.

The lady narrated how her husband recently beat her infront of their 3 kids and chased them away like dogs.

He claims that he wants to marry a nurse and dump this woman who supported him when he was broke and jobless.

Men are just thankless.

Read this lady’s post.

  1. He is not worth being with; if he thinks the nurse will be menstruating money, he is in for shock. Just walk away with your kids for the sake of their sanity.

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