Who will save the boychild from exploitation by the girl-child-This is what I saw in a Nairobi Club on Saturday Night.


By the way, there is something that happened on Saturday, I wanted to tell you, but I forgot.
See, we went to a place to watch the Arsenal-Liverpool match. It is an old club, that was my favourite in college days. Good setup. They had an Hennesy promotion.
Now, there are some jobs, however, objective we can be, not everyone can get them. For instance, you will never see a man promoting liquor in a club, even if was as hot as (insert any male women drool over , from Joho to Jowie). And air-hostess jobs used to be the most beautiful women, at least for African and Asian airlines.
As I said here recently, the female body is power.
Now those girls selling Hennesy were hot. Beautiful, check. Tall. Check. hips and ass, check check.
There was one who was particularly outstanding, she had the whole club craning their necks and turning them like some sort of ritual. That black pants she was wearing drew her behind in such a provocative, make that tantalizing.
So, two boychilds walked in. You know the 27-year-old (that age when men make so many bad decisions. He is wearing the cliched "you guy, my guy" jacket and a baseball cap. They settle and soon the girls approached them for a pitch. The boys are indifferent, but the baseball cap guy, takes a second look, and decides he wants her number. I could see from far how he whipped his phone, in anticipation. As usual, the lady calmly refused, and impolitely walked away.
The boychild beckoned him, they did some small talk, and think, they made a deal, if he buys the Hennesy, she will give him the number. And they went to fetch the drink. It costs Sh 6,000. I think they also gave half a kilo of mbuzi choma.
Now, when the ladies bring the poison, they behave as if they are presenting you the World Cup. They come with some stuff that glitters and splatters some lights, for the whole club to see. Whichever way guys derive meaning. Non of my business.
So, I didn't see, but I hope the girl gave did give the man the number. But that is not the aim of this story.
When we were leaving, I saw the boy try to swipe and it had refused and I prayed with Sydney Keari Obachi that at least the MSHWARI would work. It was about to get embarrassing. But I had to step our and go meet Basele Stephen at the Rendile night.

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