What the boy child can learn from this ITUMBI and JACQUE MARIBE ‘Relationship-Must Read.

Every lady has an Itumbi in her life, that guy they don't love. As in, he's just there for emergencies and help.

The kind she calls when she can't fill up 1k for gas and she's like 'aki Marto nitumie soo mbili niongeze nibuy gas,'

Since Marto loves her so much and he's a psycho who's been trying to win her effortlessly, he sends 2k hoping one day she will love him.

Marto spoils her with gifts, lunch dates, opens doors for her, calls 3 times per day like a patient on antibiotics tablets. 

He's even ready to be jailed on her behalf, the kind that catches grenades, as in he can do anything for her.

Then the likes of Martos and Itumbis are not so handsome you can’t tell when they are going or coming because they have this hardened wrinkled faces that you cant look twice at night when making out.

What stands for them they have good careers and good money and majority by the way are short with attitudes from here to John Kennedy airport. 

But sadly every lady has a ki Jowie she loves so much with her all even if the Ki Jowie can't afford a simple hairstyle like blow dry . Why she loves him she also doesn't know.

That's why me the moment a lady tells me she's taken or married I keep a long long long distance ,you can easily be martonized .

The problem with being friends with this taken ladies is that the only time they are into you or talk to you its when they have issues with their boyfriend's, its like you are chat box or a vacation centre . 

Say no to Itumbinization boyshidren...

By Susan Muthui (Facebook)

  1. This is a good one. Guys Susan has hit it on the head. Learn or you will always be for emergencies.

  2. This is a good one. Guys Susan has hit it on the head. Learn or you will always be for emergencies.

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