We had SEX and the condom burst, I told him we go for VCT he refused, LADY tells it all and seeks advice.

Monday, November 26, 2018 - This lady needs your advice after she slept with a man and the condom burst.

She requested the guy to accompany her to the VCT so that they can know their status but he refused.

After the guy refused to accompany her to the VCT, she went to the hospital where she was given Pep pills but here comes the tricky part.

She is to meet her boyfriend of 2 years for sex and they don’t use a condom.

“How do I convince him to use a condom yet we normally have raw sex?” She asks.

Read the post and tell her what to do in such a situation.


  1. Ask your fellow hoes how they pull such stunts..

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