Wednesday November 28, 2018 - On Monday, a local media house reported that Deputy President William Ruto and his wife, Rachael Ruto, were denied a visa to travel to Israel for their annual holiday.

According to the publication, Ruto and his wife were chased away from the Israel Embassy in Nairobi and denied a visa to travel to the holy land.

However, in a statement on Wednesday, the Israel Ambassadress to Kenya Noah Gal Gendler said Ruto and Rachel hold diplomatic passports and do not require visas to travel to Israel.

“The warm friendship of Kenya and Israel has enabled both the Governments to exempt visas for diplomatic passport holders and therefore H E Deputy President Ruto and his wife do not require visas to travel to Israel," Gendler said.

"The Embassy of Israel feels aggrieved by the false story which is baseless and without a doubt irresponsible for any news channel, even one that wants to remain relevant," Gendler added.

The Ambassador concluded by asking the publication to apologise to Kenya, Israel and the Embassy for the story.


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