Sunday November 18, 2018 - State House comptroller, Kinuthia Mbugua, visited retired President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home on Saturday.

According to Moi’s private secretary, Lee Njiru, Mbugua was sent by President Uhuru Kenyatta to deliver a message of goodwill and assure Mzee that the President would ensure his ‘comfort’.

Speculations over ex-President Daniel Moi’s role in the 2022 presidential race are in top gear as leaders continue to pay the elderly man a visit.

Moi was the true definition of an African leader during his heydays as the father of KANU party.

He ruled Kenya for 24 years when his party was popularly known as chama cha baba na mama.

He is also the mentor of President Uhuru Kenyatta who he thrust to the public and endorsed in 2002 as he was retiring.

Uhuru, then known as ‘Moi’s Project’, received a humiliating defeat from the opposition’s Mwai Kibaki.

Moi’s son, Gideon, is angling for the top seat and is said to be in talks with opposition leaders led by Raila Odinga.

Deputy President William Ruto is the only senior leader who is yet to see the ailing President.

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka met Mzee Moi late last week.


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  1. We are watching this too....Mmmmm, is that log or croc floating in the river?!! Well, it can be either, it depends on how one wants to look at and use things.