This is what NJOKI did after discovering her workmate is sleeping with husband - You won't believe what she did

Love is sweet,but when 3 people are involved,bitterness sets in.Njoki,who works in Mombasa as an accountant realized her husband who is in Nairobi is seeping with his workmate,she did unthinkable in a Facebook post, she wrote 

"My heart is now in peace after I made sure my husband Andrew has learnt a lesson.What I experienced after discovering that he was cheating on me taught me not to give a man too much freedom . On October 10th which was a holiday,I visited Nairobi. Initially, I had told him I couldn't make it becouse it was a week day btn fortunately I managed to secure a 3 -day -leave which enabled me travel on train.

On reaching Nairobi I called my husband who never picked my call and instead wrote a message, "I will call you back".I called again and this time he hanged up.I realized something was amiss and decided not to bother him anymore.I boarded a matatu at Ambassadeur stage and headed home.

It's after I arrived home in Langata that I was shocked to find a brown lady washing clothes outside our house.I grated her and headed straight to my house.

My husband, on seeing me,he asked,"who told you to come here? I replied,"This is my house and I must come whenever I want".He pushed me to the wall and told me to return to where I had come from else I see why men are men.I tried to resist but realised he was serious when he told me I dare stay in the house for one more hour.The woman who was outside also came in shouting,we'll teach you a lesson you idiot".

Defeated,I took my bag and went to sleep in my sister's house in Kangemi.The following day I went back to Mombasa.

I tried to pretend that everything was okay but the more  I did so the more I missed my family . Finally,I decided to look for a solution.I picked the contacts bellow which I have been seeing on television and called Mr mugwenu for help 

Phone number +254740637248

Email address 

I called Mr Mugwenu who told me he would help me.At that time I was waiting for anything and Nyingine help for me was important 

Three days after I received  call from my husband waiting  me to visit him in Nairobi.He sent me KSHS 5000 for transport and bagged me to visit him urgently 

I boarded MASH bus and the  following day I was in Nairobi. It's after I arrived that I heard from my neighbors that my husband was admitted at a Nairobi Hospital, the reason being,the woman had tried to poison him after a disagreement and it's by grace of God he escaped 

Since then we live in peace in ,you house.I thank Dr mugwenu for what he did,I am happy.
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The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released. 

Dr. Mugwenu handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurate foretelling of one’s future.

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