This is how I lost my phone and personal belongings to CHINESE PROSTITUTES in Ngara,Nairobi.They tricked me and I fell to the trap.


On Wednesday the 31st of October 2018 at around 10 p.m Mr Kennedy Okoth Otieno, who was on his way home, passed next to a building that houses a brothel in Ngara when he met a group of Chinese ladies who at first he thought were stranded and decided to go and offer them some help.

Immediately he approached them one of the ladies held his left hand and seductively massaged his chest while blowing cigarette smoke on his face. Mr Okoth then realized that the Chinese ladies were just prostitutes going about their usual business. Although he tried to turn and get back on his way home, the temptation was too much and Okoth couldn’t turn down this lucrative offer.

When the business was done it was time for Okoth to leave but he was met by a rude shock. The Chinese lady blocked his way and called for two huge bouncers to arrest him. The lady started shouting and accused Mr Okoth of not fully paying the amount agreed. According to Mr Okoth, the amount agreed was Ksh. 200 and he had already paid. The Chinese lady however, said the amount was 200 Yuan and not Ksh. 200 as earlier presumed, which meant he still owed her around Ksh. 2,800.In a bid to avoid any futher embarrassment, Mr Okoth decided to surrender his wallet that had all his personal documents including his National I.D and his employment card. It was agreed that he would get his items back once he settled his bill.

On Friday the 2nd of November 2018, Mr Okoth went back to Mugi house to collect his items but he was again met by another rude shock. The receptionist told him that the Chinese lady had gone to Guangzhou and that he had to wait until she was back in the country in order to get his items back.Mr Okoth is now calling for help since he is unable to conduct his normal activities and provide for his family without his documents which are being held despite him having settled the bill.The Movement for Advancement of Democracy (MDF) have now written to the Nairobi Central Police Station requesting permission to hold peaceful protests this Friday for Mr Okoth to get back his documents.


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