They RAPED a pregnant WOMAN in the presence of her daughter- HESSY reveals some of the heinous acts done by Eastland's lethal gangs.

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Monday, November 5, 2018-Dreaded under-cover cop, Hessy, has rubbished media reports that police are carrying out extra-judicial killings on innocent youths in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

Most of the thugs who have recently been killed by police are school boys aged between 17 to 23.

The media has been portraying these school boys as innocent kids who are being butchered by trigger happy cops.

But Hessy has defended cops and revealed some of the heinous acts that these school boys who engage in crime have done in the recent past.

A few days ago, they raped a pregnant woman who was in labour in the presence of her first born daughter when she was escorting her to hospital.

These young boys are very dangerous and should be eliminated without mercy.

Read Hessy’s post on how these Eastlands gangs made up of school boys have been unleashing terror on innocent Kenyans.

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  1. I support the Police action a hundred percent. Keep it up cops.

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