Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - Former Starehe MP aspirant and self-proclaimed millionaire Steve Mbogo is nursing a serious heartbreak after he caught his hot wife, Sabrina, having sex with his driver.

Mbogo often suspected his wife was sleeping with his driver and he confirmed that indeed another man had invaded his territory after he set a trap for them.

Well placed sources whispered to us that the socialite businessman and fraudster, who is fond of showing off his lavish life on social media by splashing photos partying in high end clubs and enjoying expensive vacations, got the shock of his life after he caught his beautiful wife being serviced by his driver in their matrimonial bed.

We are informed that Mbogo asked his driver to drop him at JKIA to catch a flight but that was just a trap.

He was going nowhere.

He wanted to confirm whether the rumour he was hearing that the driver smashes his wife when he is away was true.

The former aspirant got the shock of his life and nearly collapsed after he returned to his palatial home late at night and found the driver unleashing his propeller on his wife.

Mbogo has since kicked out his cheating wife and he is on a vacation trip in Europe, where he is trying to nurse the heartbreak.

Here are photos of his cheating sexy wife.


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  1. is that baby girl yours or your driver's: food of thought.