Tuesday November 27, 2018 - Igembe south MP, John Paul Mwirigi, has been arrested for harassing and disobeying the police.

Mwirigi was arrested yesterday for allegedly removing a police road block erected along the Meru-Mikinduri-Maua road to nab traffic offenders.

The MP was arrested in the evening at Kiguchwa in Tigania Central and taken to Mikinduri Police Station where he was booked.

According to Tigania Central Administration Police Commander, John Munyoki, the police took such drastic steps after the MP harassed the officers manning the road block and ordered them to leave after he removed the spikes from the road.

“We had erected the road blocks since the Michuki rules were re-introduced and we had officers on duty to ensure sanity in the roads.”

“However, today we got information from the four officers who were at the road block that Igembe South MP had appeared and instructed them to leave the place as he attempted to remove the spikes,” Munyoki said.

“At this time our officers were able to block his vehicle and we arrested him.”

“We do not know what the issue he had with the road block since nobody else had complained over it,” he said.

Mwirigi will now face two counts of incitement and breaking traffic rules.


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  1. I agree with the young MP, the police have been given the go ahead to haras and extort from motorist, theyre intention is not to stop accidents from happening but just to make money. If they were seriouse about alcoblow for example they would set up on the highways where most accidents occur not on estate roads. Buses and lorries will continue to cause accidents because the traffic police's focus is in the wrong place.