Monday November 26, 2018 - Business mogul, Chris Kirubi, has been ailing for some time and some netizens were speculating that the self made billionaire may meet his maker before the end of the year.

Kirubi, who was diagnosed with colon cancer early this year, went for further treatment in the United States and chemotherapy treatment took a toll on him and you could tell this by looking at his body.

When he came back Kenya after chemotherapy, Kirubi looked emaciated and not many people believed that the Centum Group chairman will live the next day.

Today, Kirubi surprised many as he attended the Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi.
In a video shared by Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, energetic Kirubi is seen chatting with his fellow businessmen and he seems to be in a happy mood.

Here is the video that will show that God is faithful to those who believe in him.


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