See how Kenyans are sleeping in the cold like dogs after being dumped by rogue agents in Doha, Qatar (PHOTOs).

Thursday, November 8, 2018-A rogue agent who operates at Kenya Cinema plaza 3rd floor room A1 has been duping hopeless Kenyan job seekers.

The lady identified as Magdalene Waithera alias Maggie, has been dumping innocent Kenyans in Qatar and leaving them stranded after promising them jobs.

She demands for Ksh 130,000 from the job seekers but when they arrive in Qatar, they are forced to sleep in the cold after finding out that they have been duped.

Here’s the  expose on the rogue agent.

I believe most of you have heard about the Kenyans,who are stranded in Qatar without a roof to shelter and job.

Here comes the story from reliable sources.

It has come to our attention that Aljamosa agency located in Kenya Cinema plaza 3rd floor room A1 and run by Magdalene Waithera alias Maggie and others has been the reason some of our Kenyans are suffering in Doha.

As  I type this, about 11 guys were dumped by the said con agent and they were asked to pay 130,000Kshs commission for painting jobs.

After the arrival,  these guys were received by another Kenyan agent who resides in Qatar and his name is Robert,who in turn took them to a labourers camp at a place called Al Sailiya and promised to take them to job.

Later these Kenyans were introduced to a Cameroonian guy who is believed to be part of these con cartels.

They worked for quite sometime without payments and food until they were unable to take it any longer.

After they complained for sometime,  the Cameroonian conman issued them with the NOCs but he didn't pay them their money which they had worked for.

As per now, the guys were kicked out of the accomodation and they have no shelter as they hustle for another job.

The inhumane agent is just playing games and twisting these guys in collaboration with the Cameroonian concerning the accomodation and their payments.

Earlier, the guy from West Africa(Cameroon) had confirmed that he cannot pay for the accomodation since they are not working for him,but he failed to comment on the salary payment for the days they had worked for him,instead he referred us to Robert who is not responding to any of our calls.

Many will advise on reporting this issue to the police but the police directed these guys to labour offices for help.

Apparently the process cannot be done by one day and our brothers needs somewhere to sleep while they wait for the authorities to work on their case.

We are calling on Kenyans of good will who can help our brothers in getting a job or at least a place to sleep as they hustle for job.

Meanwhile this is also a head up to those willing to visit these thieves(agencies).


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