Thursday November 29, 2018-President Uhuru Kenyatta had a very rough time yesterday after delegates of the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference confronted him over the importation of fish from China.

The delegates found fault in Uhuru’s decision to prioritize Chinese imports at the expense of local fish produce.

The attendees also put the President to task asking him why Kenya has been importing fish from China whereas there was plenty of it in the neighboring country of Somalia.

However, Uhuru responded lightly that Kenya should start trading miraa for fish with the Somali Government.

Nyinyi mlete samaki na nyinyi mchukue miraa (You should sell us fish and buy miraa from us)," the Head of State responded.

Nonetheless, Somali delegates thanked Kenya, especially Uhuru, for assisting them fight Al Shabaab and other terror extremism that has dogged the country.


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