Of cleavages and voluntary exposure, WOMEN have realized female body is power, ask VERA SIDIKA.


Of cleavages and voluntary exposure...

Many people today have seethed with righteous indignation after one Zack Opondo asked women to display their cleavages and whoever who gets the most likes (1.5 likes) he will give them Sh 20,000.
A good number of women have shared their cleavages. And many netizens have screamed at the brazen and blatant commercialization and commodification of female sexuality.
It is a tough call. We know it is wrong, but what is wrong to you is not necessarily wrong to everyone.
In the 2000s, the biggest debate was objectification of women in American hip-hop music. In 2008 an American Anthropologist and activist, Byron Hurt did a documentary Hip Hop beyond Beats and Rhymes. He toured the world with it and made a stop at the University of Nairobi to screen it it presented the raw chailuvinism and misogynist in American hip-hop. Eight years later, I would be forced to watch the documentary again as a mandatory requirement on Sex Education before I could graduate from an American University. The aim being that men have to be sensitized on the many ways we harrass women sexually and sometimes without knowing.
I took side of those who were opposed to naked music videos. Taking the side of Feminism.
But I started going out and discovered that even women who are educated often do bad things in night clubs. Voluntarily.
If you frequently go out, you will see women in short skirts and dresses. You will encounter women who display their cleavages.
When club bangers play, most of them by design are too dirty.
In my time, two songs were especially popular. RDX's Bend Over basically encouraged sexual simulation on the dance floor. Then there was Dr Ring Ding. Man, women went bonkers when that song played and the DJs pulled it back no fewer than ten times. And women would gyrate.
The female body is POWER.
Bottom line, we are all animals gifted with language.
The female body possesses so much power over men.
A woman with a good pair things, a nice cleavage and ass to boot, will always display them by creatively dressing them up.
Women know how to use their bodies. To get drinks in clubs. To get a job promotion. To enrich themselves. Verah Sidika biggest assest is her body. She used to host in some clubs where men went to worship her.
We can sit here and pontificate. But without admitting that we are animals, the debate will not anywhere.
Here is an unpopular opinion.
Our ancestors had it figured out by policing the female body.
They used every trick in the book to have them checked.
Now, we have democratized the female body and each woman can pick how to use it. And the consequences are here for all to see.
I lived in Sudan. There, if you touch a woman and you are discovered you are fined seven cows if you are local. If you are from a different place, the punishment is unimaginable. There was a Catholic official who ate beans for like three months as we raised the fine of 20 cows (almost Sh 2 million).
These deterrent measures ensured that we tucked our tails. There was a lady, who I loved so much, but I could only "kula macho". Because Sudanese jails ain't funny. The society there functions, pretty well. Hakuna mashida tuko nazo, though that may change soon.
Part if the reason, I live the Muslim culture, is that they have dealt with some of the problems that Christian's grapple with.
There is a Muslim restaurant I normally eat and our women come in dressed in a way that always makes me, want to go and apologise to the Muslim elders.
My church used to be conservative. Women were urged to dress properly. That has been thrown out of the window. Nowadays they dress akisimama mbele yako, you know you are going to hell.
In short, since we made morality and relative thing, let's deal with the consequences.

  1. Kula tu kwa macho, hakuna namna. We are visualistic animalistic hadi mwisho wa lami.

  2. Kula tu kwa macho, hakuna namna. We are visualistic animalistic hadi mwisho wa lami.

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