Wednesday November 28, 2018 - Jubilee nominated MP, David Sankok, has expressed remorse for insulting women who are seeking to be nominated to Parliament.

Sankok had demanded a tough integrity test to be met by unmarried women seeking political nomination, claiming that some of them are prostitutes and slay queens seeking to slay their way to Parliament.

He also demanded that all single women seeking nominations to parade their children for DNA testing to determine their paternity.

However, speaking earlier today, Sankok vacated from his hard stance saying he had so much respect for unmarried women with children who he had initially said should not be nominated to Parliament over their integrity.

He said the conditions he had set out for single mothers were meant to safeguard the nomination process from being abused.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the statements I made that may have hurt women especially single mothers whom I respect,” Sankok said.

“My intention was to safeguard the nomination process so that it is not abused as before.”

“I sincerely apologise,” he added.


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