No SEX for 2 years, Akitoka job anasema amechoka- A beautiful and sexually starved married WOMAN cries out(VIDEO)

Thursday, November 8, 2018-A beautiful woman has revealed that she has in a sexless marriage for two years.

According to this woman, her husband always keeps on coming up with cock and bull stories to avoid having sex with her.

Most of the time when he comes from work, he complains that he is too tired.

She has been sexually starved for two years and the situation is getting out of hand.

Many married women are going through the same problem but they are afraid to speak.

Listen to the sexually starved  woman speak.


  1. Huyoo Jogoo ako na shida.I see two possibilities, either ni Gay or Eunuch. For the Lady i see two possible solutions... atafute solution outside of that relationship na aache jamaa kwa mataa or awe a catholic nun!

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