Monday November 19, 2018 - Political Analyst, Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi, has advised Deputy President William Ruto to take up the vacuum left by Raila Odinga as the opposition figure.

Speaking in his popular weekly show, The Fifth Estate, Prof. Ngunyi said that Raila's move to quit active politics had left a political vacuum in the Opposition.

According to Ngunyi, Raila was now 'romancing' with President Uhuru Kenyatta and had discreetly abandoned the Opposition, and it is time Ruto took up the job because it might just thrust him to State House.

"If Raila is not around, there will be someone who will come and fill it.”

"The exit of Raila from the opposition will create the rise of the hustler nation under Ruto.”

“Ruto will fill the vacuum and he will become the next force,” opined Ngunyi.

"It is not possible to run Kenya if Raila is in Opposition.”

“To run the country, Uhuru needs Raila.”

“He has created a one-party dictatorship with Raila," he said.

Now it is up to the DP to take up the challenge.


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