KHALWALE amekuwa bure kabisa, analishiwa bibi na WILLIAM RUTO (VIDEO)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Famous Kisii social media commentator, Ombori, has attacked former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, calling him a useless rent seeker who has been following Deputy President William Ruto like a fly.

Since Khalwale has no stable source of income after becoming jobless, he has to sing Ruto’s tune so that he can feed this 2 wives and pay his bills.

According to Ombori, most Luyha leaders are brainless.

When they get power and money, the only thing they think is adding more wives.

Ombori further claims that Luyha leaders have no stand.

Listen to him spit fire and insult Luyha leaders like Khalwalwe, Ababu Namwamba and others.


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