Monday November 19, 2018 - Former Kiambu County Governor, William Kabogo, has accused his successor, Ferdinand Waititu, of misusing Ruiru Stadium.

In an interview with a local daily on Saturday, Kabogo accused Waititu's administration of misusing and destroying the multimillion Ruiru Stadium, which he said he refurbished despite stadiums being under the jurisdiction of the national Government.

Kabogo argued that he refurbished the stadium with the aim of nurturing sporting talent among youth in the County.

“Stadiums are the jurisdictions of the national Government and I moved to improve it for the sake of our youth.”

“It is sad that the stadium has been turned to a venue of holding public meetings and locals are parking their cars and pitching tents on expensive artificial turfs.”

“It is very wrong to use to use the soccer fields for other functions and more so pitching tents on the austro-turf carpet.”

“It is very disgusting,’’ Kabogo said.


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