I make Sh3000 per shot - Male PROSTITUTE who gets paid to have SEX with women speaks up.

Thursday, November 29, 2018 - This guy is a proud member of the oldest profession in the world - prostitution.

The Ugandan man who is based in South Africa has opened up on how he makes good money by sleeping with thirsty women.

Paul Zuluka, 27, disclosed that he charges up to R400 (Sh3000) per shot and R2000 (Sh15000) to spend the night with a female client.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Zuluku said:

“This is the best idea I’ve ever had. I love sleeping with women and I am great at it. I enjoy every moment. I get money for doing something I love. I help women keep their relationships going and reduce their stress,”

“I’m a Ugandan. I came to South Africa to get a job that that didn’t happen so I had to do something.

“I also get calls from men who offer me a lot of money. But I’m a man and only available to women,” he further explained.

Just like any career, Zuluka has his fare share of challenges.

For instance, some women book him for ‘one shot’ but change their mind and ask for ‘three or four’.

“It messes up my work schedule, they forget there are other women who want a piece of me as well,” he stated.


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