Thursday November 8,2018 - A vocal Jubilee Party MP has claimed that National Super Alliance (NASA), Raila Odinga, has sent early indications that he will not be in the presidential ballot come 2022 General Elections.

On Sunday, Raila Odinga through his spokesman, Dennis Onyango, said that he will keep off 2022 succession politics so as to concentrate on his new role as AU High Representative for Infrastructure.

Following his statement, nominated MP, David Sankok, said Raila’s declaration shows that he will not be in the ballot in 2022.

Sankok, who was being hosted for an interview on Radio Jambo's 'Mazungumzo Waziwazi' on Wednesday evening, said Raila's declaration is an indirect demonstration that he will keep off the much-anticipated race, though he is yet to declare his plans for the race.

"Raila anaposema hataki mambo ya 2022 ni kumaanisha hatakuwa kwa debe (the declaration simply means he is not interested in the 2022 race)," said Sankok.

He added that the same remark is the reason behind the ongoing reactions from Raila's allies, as they contradict each other on whether or not the Orange Party leader will join the contest ahead of 2022.

"Kama hii ingekuwa tactic ama angekuwa ameficha mipango zingine kuhusiana na 2022 basi watu wake wangejua na wangekuwa wenyamaza.

(If this were a political tactic, then his camp would be silent. The noises emanating from his side are proof that he has shelved his ambition and his allies are unhappy)," he said.


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