Wednesday November 7, 2018 - Kenyans across the political divide have attacked the Judiciary for releasing quack doctor, Mugo Wa Wairimu, in October, 2015, when he was accused of sedating and raping patients at his clinic in Githurai 44.

During the trial of the fake doctor, the prosecution was armed with video evidence showing Mugo sexually assaulting a sedated patient while posing as a medical doctor.

Through State Counsel Jacinta Nyamosi, the prosecution gave three solid grounds on why Mugo should be denied bail during trial.

The DPP argued that Mugo was a flight risk because he had gone into hiding after the rape scandal was exposed.

The Prosecution also claimed that he ought to remain in custody for his own safety as the public was baying for his blood, and that he was likely to interfere with witnesses

But Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo dismissed the arguments as not compelling and released him on bail.

Mugo was soon a free man after it was claimed that witnesses shied away from testifying in the case, confirming the prosecution’s fears.

The fake doctor is now on the run after he was accused of operating illegal clinics in Kayole where he was sedating and raping patients like a pig.

He was also procuring abortions in those dingy clinics.


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