Fundraising for a wedding is the stupidiest thing a man can ever do-Here’s a message to Ex-NTV’s anchor LABAN CLIFF ONSERIO.


A fundraising for a wedding is the stupidest thing a man can ever do. If you can't afford to hold a wedding, don't do it, just get married. Holding a fundraiser for a wedding ni botheration tu. Especially when you can be married with or without a wedding. Why do you stress people and yourselves with costs and bills you can't handle?
Moreover, can't you plan based on your earnings and save if you have to, even if it is for 5 years then hold your wedding? After all you didn't wake up last month and decide to have a wedding... did you now?
A woman should not allow her man to call a fundraiser so he can wed her. It is disrespectful to you... and you should leave that sorry ass. It is one day; he should be able to handle one day with 200 people taking breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. But if he insists on the harambee then goes ahead with it, and you don't leave him, you have the right cheat on him every two years of your marital life. If you are a man and the harambee is her idea, talk her out of it.
This guy, Deputy Director of Communications at the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU), Laban Cliff has invited friends and well-wisher to a wedding fundraiser on Sunday.

Why? Haraka ni ya nini? If the idea is a wedding, let him save the cash or both of you save... I think a man who loves his wife and wants to show the world that he is committing/ committed to her through a wedding should do so deliberately, consciously and on his own strength, not with the help of cousins, friends, workmates and old women.
In an e-invite that is making rounds on social media says his harambee will be hosted at a house in Westlands.
The invite instructs guests to consider carrying gifts in Kenya Shillings to bless the couple.

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