Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - Journalist Oliver Mathenge has opened up on how alcohol nearly drove him to commit suicide.

In an interview with a local media house, Mathenge revealed how he would spend up to Sh80, 000 a night on alcohol.

“If I am stressed, the first thing that would come to my head is alcohol…I graduated from beers to whiskeys. I could take a bottle of whisky alone,” he said.

“I had turned alcohol into my painkiller. It was a solution to all my struggles,”
He added:

“In between the day in the office, I would go out to have a few shots of whatever drink I thought my system needed. 

“Some Fridays, drinking would start as early as midday and would sometime go on until Sunday (Yes, I would spend two days in bars like that’s all about life). I was a slave,”

“I was breaking down. I messed up family and social relationships. I was messing up my job (until God decided I needed greater responsibilities to keep me in check). I suffered uncountable meltdowns. I sunk into debt (deep as in deep to hundreds of thousands) as I sought to finance a champagne life on beer money,” 

Mathenge has since kicked the habit and is now living his best life, though he admits he has lost several friends after quitting the bottle.

Watch the video below.


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