Family tension as KALONZO MUSYOKA takes the SEXY WAVINYA NDETI as his new wife! Here are the DETAILS

There is near explosion tension in Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s family due to the new love relationship between him and former Kathiani MP, Wavinya Ndeti.

It has been an open secret that Kalonzo and Wavinya have had a romantic relationship from the time Pauline (Kalonzo’s first wife) fell seriously ill and was bedridden.

Kalonzo and Wavinya have been sharing hotel rooms and been finding reasons to travel together. During his recent visit to South Sudan as a Peace envoy, Kalonzo was accompanied by Wavinya and state Protocol was told to accord her the respect reserved for the wife of the visiting leader.

During the days leading to the funeral of Kalonzo’s father, Wavinya took over the management of Pauline’s home in Karen and was the one receiving guests, ensuring food was prepared and sat next to Kalonzo in the visitations, a role reserved for the wife of the bereaved.

An attempt by Kalonzo’s relatives to have one of the many of Kalonzo’s sisters, cousins, his daughter, Damaris, or even Pauline’s friends play that role was rejected by an angry Kalonzo who told off his relatives and told them to go back to Tseikuru and wait there.

“In Kamba traditions, when a woman of the house is not available during a family function, the man’s sisters or daughters can represent the family, but not another strange woman,” said Mzee Ngulai Nyamai from Mwingi.

Kalonzo has a mature daughter - Damaris “Damarie” Musenya, who could have represented her Mum in the visits to condole with their family.

However, Wavinya was chosen to play that role.

Wavinya’s pushy character has also made it worse because she has been abusing employees who were hired by and work for Pauline.

One of the house servants (name with held to protect her) who has been serving Kalonzo and Pauline for many years, reportedly broke down and cried after being screamed at by Wavinya.

“Wavinya said she is the one we should take orders from. Mama Kennedy is still alive and they are behaving as if she is dead,” she said in tears.

According to the house servants, Pauline is hurt by this turn of events and has become depressed.

“She cries all the time now,” the house help revealed.

“This Boss and Wavinya thing is really finishing her.”

Initially, the relationship between Wavinya and Kalonzo was hidden as a professional relationship, with Wavinya being Wiper’s choice for the Machakos Governor’s seat.

However, eyebrows were raised when Kalonzo started riding in the same car with Wavinya in the pretext of campaigning.

Wavinya would sit at the back seat of the car, next to Kalonzo, on the spot reserved for Pauline and they would, sources say, even hold hands.

During the funeral ceremony, Kalonzo expressed his love for Wavinya and singled her out for recognition even calling her “My Governor Wavinya.”

“Wavinya made it as if to go and stand next to him during his speech but Kalonzo signaled her not to,” revealed a National Government executive who was seated behind her.

“We were all shocked and started wondering what is going on,” she added.

During the Juba, Southern Sudan, trip by Kalonzo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials were confused at how to handle Wavinya who insisted on been taken on a shopping trip while Kalonzo was in official meetings with Southern Sudan President Salva Kiir.

The Ukambani Council of Elders is concerned by this relationship and have dispatched one of their elders to talk sense into Kalonzo.

  1. This is real bad, sNdeti is digging Pauline's grave. She cann't hold herself and wait for her drmise? Though its ood whi knows her

  2. Mwaniua ningali hai??. What is the hurry for?. Her days are engraved on God's hand and so do ours also but its a shame while God can take lives of the able bodied people even before Pauline's.

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