Wednesday October 17, 2018-A 27-year-old Nairobi woman stunned the court after she sued her former boss who she claimed withheld her two months wages after she declined to wash a corpse hidden under his bed.
In her statement, the woman said she worked for Mohammed Abdi Noor as a house help and he had agreed to pay Ksh her 6,500 monthly, but the pay was increased by Ksh 500 after she was ordered to take up the new assignment.
“One week after I started working for the family, Noor’s wife told me that if my work remained as impressive, she would give me a Ksh 500 raise to the Ksh 6,500 that I was earning.”

“She added that they had a new assignment for me, which her husband would brief me about later,” she stated.

One evening after her employer returned from work, the woman said, she was called inside her boss' bedroom and Noor locked all doors. While inside, she was shown the corpse which she was supposed to clean everyday at exactly 10am.
One evening after her employer returned from work, the woman said, she was called inside his boss' bedroom and Noor locked all doors.
According to the woman, the male body was wrapped in a mat and hidden under his employer's bed in an apartment in Pangani, Nairobi.
“He asked me to push the bed away from the wall.”

“I stepped on something and when I looked down, I jumped in shock.”

“He said I will be required to clean the corpse.”

“When I declined, he shoved his gun at me and said I would do it by force,” she narrated.

Besides, the woman revealed a witchdoctor visited Noor’s home everyday to treat the dead body so that it could not smell, and that she was under strict instruction from Noor’s wife never to touch the money under the corpse.

“She told me the ‘doctor’ came to treat the body so it does not smell.”

 She also warned me to touch the wad of money that mysteriously appeared below the body at my own risk,” she said.

She also claimed her employer sexually assaulted her and also beat her, an altercation that attracted his wife who was asleep.
She was later thrown out of the house without payment of her two-months work.

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