Tuesday October 2, 2018 - A vocal Jubilee Party MP has sensationally claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government is taxing Kenyans to finance NASA leader, Raila Odinga’s foreign trips.

Since the day of the handshake on March 9th, Raila has made over 10 foreign trips and these according to nominated MP, David Sankok, are financed by Kenya’s taxpayers.

“The tax increment is to finance the foreign trips of our Baba, Raila Odinga,” said Sankok

The MP who was speaking on K24 on Tuesday also said that he supports the referendum to reduce the high wage bill.

“I totally support the proposal to change the constitution to reduce the wage bill.”

“If Kenyans want to revert to the old constitution it will be better but if they want to pay high taxes then they remain with this constitution,” Sankok said.

The outspoken MP also dismissed claims that Jubilee Party is divided saying all leaders are united to implement President Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda.


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