Tulichukua lodging tao nikamwambia nitampa 2K nikule dry fry hakukataa, ona picha nikimchinja kama ng’ombe.

Sunday, October 28, 2018-A man has bragged and narrated how he had sex with a mother and her daughter.
According to this guy, the woman’s daughter is a prostitute in Nairobi.

He got her mother’s number when she borrowed him a phone to call her.

He started luring the lady’s mother  to sex and she agreed to have unprotected sex with him after promising him Ksh 2,000.

He even shared a photo enjoying sex with her in a lodging.

Ogopa wanawaume wa siku hizi.

This is what the guy posted on the popular online discussion forum Kenya Talk


  1. Youve just confirmed....youre hiv positive

  2. ah how you wish na may be uko dry spell

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