Trouble as IMF reveals most Kenyans will lose jobs to robots even as they face harsh economic times

Tuesday October 16, 2018-International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revealed that a majority of Kenyans are on the track of losing jobs massively.

According to the report released on Friday, Kenyans, among other African countries like Nigeria, are on course of losing the jobs to a robot driven age.

IMF explained that automation is taking over jobs leaving people jobless because of education in which only those with technological know-how will stay relevant.

This expectation is especially driven by the anticipation of Fourth Industrial Revolution in which machines are the top most preferred labour source by companies.

Whether technology becomes a substitute for or a complement to labour is not necessarily a force beyond our control.”

“This puts a high premium on education to empower the youth to succeed in the changing world of work,” stated the report.

The IMF further indicated that the robot effect will affect all sectors of the economy with export and import industry suffering the most.


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