Wednesday October 17, 2018-Detectives tracing the last movements of slain business woman, Monica Kimani, have revealed that she was temporarily detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on her from Juba, South Sudan, on the same day she was found murdered in her house.
According to sources, Monica was reportedly in possession of undeclared cash, prompting the immigration officers to hold her for some time before she was let go after a high flying individual called senior Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) officials to secure her release.
Reports indicate that the incident was handled with the strictest confidentiality, with no official records indicating whether Monica was at the airport on that day.
JKIA security had discovered that Monica had lots of cash in foreign currency but the KAA officer who screened her failed to alert the police.
However, Kenya Airport Authority Communication Manager, Angela Tilitei, dissociated the institution from the incident.
Monica was reportedly murdered by Joe Irungu in collaboration with TV girl, Jacque Maribe. The two are still in police custody.

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