Thursday October 25, 2018-Migori Governor, Okoth Obado, was yesterday released on bail from prison after almost spending a month at the Industrial Area Remand Prison following the murder of Sharon Otieno.

But his release came with stringent terms and conditions that could make life pretty hectic for the adventurous Governor.

 Among the conditions is not to visit or come anywhere near Homa Bay County from where his former lover, Sharon Otieno, hailed from.

Speaking during an interview, Homa Bay County Senator, Moses Kajwang', whose county Obado was banned from visiting until further notice, appeared to sympathise with the Governor, pointing out that his freedom of movement would be seriously impaired.

 He disclosed that Obado often flies to Nairobi via Homa Bay County, and that those travelling to Kisumu from Migori County also have to go through Homa Bay County.

 "I know that when Obado often comes to Nairobi, he flies via the airstrip in Homa Bay.”
 “And if you look at it geographically, when heading to Kisumu from Migori, one has to go through Homa Bay County.”
 “The terms of the bail are going to impair his movement," Kajwang' said.

 Kajwang’ revealed that Obado may just be impeached because it would also be almost impossible for a sitting Governor to remain confined within his own county for a year owing to the nature of his job.

 "You cannot envisage a situation where for a year a Governor will just be contained within his county.”

 “As part of Governors’ job description, they are required to interact and relate with colleague governors," he said.


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  1. Its really sympathetic for such a big political figure for his movement freedom to be sized like a zero grazing milk cow. Hii ni mbaya tu sana. But its a lesson to learned for those who don't care about other people lives. POLE SANA MUHESHIMIWA.