This is what a MAN did to me when I prevented him from grabbing my sister’s ASS(PHOTOs)

So we tell our young girls everyday, don't let anyone touch you inappropriately but sometimes we never really know how much taking your stand as a woman can cost you. 

I'm booked for surgery tomorrow coz I was diagnosed with fibroids last month. So like all families, my sister came to help so we walked to the hospital to get me hospitalised.

We got there and there was some misunderstanding in terms of mode of payment so we decided I should go back home and sort it out in the morning. 

I was a bit sad but it was beyond me so we opted to walk home using the short cut to avoid bumping into lots of people who already knew I was up for surgery and who would probably have questions. 

Some 300 metres to my house, a guy crosses us but I ignore, he seemed harmless enough until he grabbed my sister's ass.

I almost jumped to help my sister but the guy let go. I pointed at him and murmured some warning in Swahili and turned to leave when someone punched me in the head. I turned in shock to see who was punching me only to be met by another punch on my nose. I panicked. 

I put my hand over my face and another blow hit my mouth. This time blood poured like rain. Women nearby screamed and that's how he rushed and came back out with a sword and a piece of wood which he used to hit me before he drew the sword and some men came rushing.

Before I came to, the guy was nowhere and I was bleeding nonstop. Some boda guy offered to take me to the police station but as we all know that didn't go very well. 

Even after the boda guy gave them the broken piece of wood and the bend sword, they said I shouldn't fear and that I should go to the hospital, sleep and come back tomorrow.

My question is, if someone can draw a sword in broad daylight, what else is he capable of?

 Most of you will say I should have walked away and that I shouldn't have pointed at the guy but my question is,how long are we willing to watch people grab ass and touch women inappropriately just coz we are scared? 

I may or may never get justice but one thing is for sure, I'll not let him walk away with this and hurt someone else. That I swear.

To you public court.

By Mercy

See photos.


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