The family of the man who took UHURU to school now wants to meet him to deliver his dying wish-You won’t believe what it is

Friday October 19, 2018-The family of officer who served in the Presidential Escort Unit (PEU) during Kenya's founding President, Jomo Kenyatta, is appealing for audience with President Uhuru Kenyatta to deliver his dying wishes to him.

Speaking yesterday, the family Salim Yislam, who died in 2014 at his Kakamega home, said the deceased served as Jomo's personal driver and used to drive Uhuru Kenyatta to school before getting involved in multiple accidents which rendered him unable to work anymore.

His daughter, Aisha Mohammed, said his father had persisted they meet Uhuru or his mother, Mama Ngina, personally to pass his congratulatory messages and plea to assist his family.

She noted that her father, who was a motorcycle outrider, fractured his leg after his bike collided with another outrider's when escorting Mzee Kenyatta to Mombasa State lodge in 1966.

 "After fracturing the right foot and healing.”

“He was assigned by Kenyatta to drive some of his official vehicles.”

“It is then that he said he used to drive Uhuru to school.”

“The vehicle he was driving was unfortunately hit by another car while on his return trip from dropping Uhuru in Nakuru in 1973," narrated Mohammed.

She said her father who had reclined back home wanted them to tell Uhuru he was happy that he finally grew up to be the Head of State when he was still alive.

"He really wished to meet Uhuru and pass this message after he won the presidency in 2013 but unluckily passed on in 2014.”

“He told us to ensure we get his message to Uhuru and ask Mama Ngina for any help we had," she said.


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