SHOCK! A Catholic Priest from Kiambu hosted a SEX Party and several girls were impregnated after unprotected SEX(PHOTOs)

 By Ndegwa  Wa Njoroge.

A Priest from Hell; religion of politics, skirts and drugs.

A few months ago, I promised to expose a scandal involving the Catholic Church where Father Kiarie hosted a party at his official residence in Kambaa Catholic Church. This story was carried today by the Daily Nation albeit the skeleton of the actual or real story.

What the Daily Nation never revealed is that out of the 14 minors who were lured by the priest to entertain his fellow 'fathers' and two 'elected leaders,' 6 conceived. 4 were reportedly assisted by the church to procure abortion whilst one gave birth three months ago. The father has been taking care of the minor and it's child.

In the cover-up that ensued, the Catholic Church engineered a well choreographed propaganda that claimed one of its fathers had been captured on CCTV stealing from a church safe in one of the parishes in Kiambu, an incidence that necessitated or triggered the massive transfers witnessed in the church a couple of months ago.

Back to Githunguri; on realization that the scandal was about to explode, the priest approached the help of an 'elected leader' who was part of the merrymaking gang that involved priests ministering in Githunguri. His role was to ensure the story never leaked beyond the confines of the church and that incase it leaked, he would help in stepping down the police.

Having been assisted by the church to ascend to power and being a frequent guest in these 'priestly parties' in Kambaa, Komothai, Githiga and Githunguri, this leader whom we all know for being in the media for chading skirts had no option other than playing ball. And for over seven months, this scandal has remained 'chini ya maji' courtesy of him and his expansive networks in 'Karen.'

Severally on this wall I mentioned the Catholic Church and how it was involved in the politics of Githunguri. Many thought I either hated Father Karanja to be specific but the truth of the matter the church wanted a lame duck leadership that would be easy to compromise, manipulate and influence.

Sadly, the wicked church lead by Father Karanja (also transferred from Githunguri Parish) succeeded and their evil mission prevailed. As the nation grapples with the shocking expose', Githunguri Constituency and Kambaa community is now grappling with the indignity caused on their children by greedy priests resting on the bosom of an equally rapacious leadership.

Next week, I shall narrate another ordeal in Githiga.

In the meantime, the new Father at Githunguri Catholic Church has suspended all church harambees. Upon taking over from the transferred sex pest, the new man of God expressed that his predecessor used his position to exploit the congregation. Nowonder he could afford to fund campaigns for his preferred candidates besides running a fleet of Matatus plying route 120.

Here are photos of rogue Father Karanja.


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