Wednesday October 3, 2018 - Police have confirmed that a Member of Parliament (MP) is among eight Kenyans who were conned millions in a fake currency scam that they unearthed.

The MP is reported to have lost a whopping Ksh76 million in the scheme that was operated from Westlands area by two Chad nationals and a Kenyan.

The legislator took the sum to the conmen who had promised to double it.

In addition, the foolish politician sold his car and a piece of land in the posh Karen suburbs and took the money to the scammers to multiply it.

According to a police report, the MP had already lost the Ksh76 million but kept going back to the scammers in the hope that the money would be doubled.

The syndicate asked their victims to bring large sums of money promising to pray for multiplication.

The conmen have since been arrested.

They are Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro, his son Abdala Tamba and a Kenyan, Anthony Mwangangi Munyiva.


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