Thursday October 18, 2018-The ongoing fight against corruption has been dealt a severe blow after High Court Judge Teresia Mumbua ordered a refund of millions of shillings to three former county officials who had been convicted of corruption.

In his ruling, the judge in her wisdom ordered that the three officials, John Maina (Lands and Infrastructure), Martin Wamwea (Finance and Economic Planning) and Simon Kagiri (Chief of Staff), be refunded a whopping sh23.7.

They had paid the money in fines after they were arraigned in court over corruption.

The three had been found guilty at a Magistrate's court of having flouted procurement laws and were fined a total of sh23.7 million.

They were further convicted of going against procedure while conferring Pleng Limited a Ksh3.75 Million benefit to offer consultancy audit services for roads and civil works.

This comes at the time President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen on ending corruption in Kenya and seizing all properties procured by corrupt money.


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