Thursday October 18, 2018-Embattled Citizen TV news anchor, Jacque Maribe, felt remorse for the cold-blooded murder of Monica Kimani, who was brutally murdered by her fiancé, Joe ‘Jowie’ Irungu.

This is after she sent her condolences to Monica’s family, urging them to take heart and find peace for God is watching.

In her affidavit, Maribe sent a condolence message to Monica's family, saying she was praying for their peace of mind at this trying time.

She noted that even though she cannot authoritatively say that her fiancé, Jowie, killed Monica, she was hopeful that the truth will finally come out.

Maribe also delinked herself from her killer fiancé, noting that she should not be punished for the mistakes of Jowie as she claimed her innocence.

The only reasons I am standing trial are that I was in love with a person the prosecution have interest in.”

“I allowed him to come live in my house and I allowed him to use my vehicle.”

“There is no witness or forensic material to associate me with the murder,” Ms Maribe said.


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