Wednesday October 17, 2018-It appears the jail has broken Citizen TV Anchor, Jacque Maribe, as she is now willing to cooperate fully with the police over the murder of Monica Kimani.
This is after she presented strongest arguments in an affidavit she filed asking to be released on bail, promising to cooperate.
In the application, Maribe stated that she has cooperated with the authorities on the case nine times in the past and that she intends to continue doing so even while out on bail.
She noted that she is not a flight risk and that she has not been in communication with witnesses in the case and plans not to hinder the ongoing investigations in any way.
Besides, Maribe revealed that she is a single mother who has a young child aged four, who is likely to suffer the most in case she is denied bail, begging the court to release her as she is now willing to do anything and everything to see her boy again.

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